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Wellbeing Hub

We are excited to announce our new Wellbeing Hub Playground was installed over the holidays and we are so excited to have this outdoor addition to our already safe and inclusive environment.

Just before the end of Term 1 we upgraded the Wellbeing Hub furniture and décor. This was designed to suit the complex and diverse needs of the students so that they are able to interact with the world around them, in a safe environment that builds up their confidence and ability.

Our Sensory room is located within the Wellbeing Hub and this area has been designed to help students – who may have emotional issues, learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments and additional needs, has elements at different levels for students who like to climb, tactile objects and furnishing for students who enjoy sensory play, bubble tubes to create a calming effect and build on students’ visual development, and lights that give a calming sensation to help with anxieties.

 “It’s a comfortable space students can explore at their leisure.”

Local sensory artist Bliss Cavanagh designed the room to suit the school’s needs.